Feeling really good today after a rest day yesterday. We released the new mask policy at CFU starting Monday, but I decided to wear my mask the entire time today just to see what it would feel like.


  • Double Under
  • Sit-up
  • Push-up
  • Pull-up
  • Burpee

We rested a minute between tabatas. Score was the lowest rep count for each exercise. Mine was 30/12/10/10/5 for a total of 67.


Awesome test today with Nancy! I was excited about this one coming in because the OH squats at 115# on Saturday felt pretty solid. I was convinced I could fly at 95#.

5 rounds for time:

  • 400m Run
  • 15 OH Squats (95#)

I finished the first run in roughly 1:45 keeping a conservative pace. OH squats were unbroken through all sets. Headed out for my last run around 10:00. Finished at 12:59 for a 24 second PR! Very happy to get under 13:00.


One too many margaritas last night meant that I wasn’t feeling great this morning. Charlotte and I still managed to get out in the garage at 9am to work our even with all the chaos of getting two kids ready for a Baptism ceremony.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 reps of:

  • Hang Power Clean (135#)
  • Hand Release Push-up

*30 double unders after each set

Time: 11:45


Out in the garage to work out with Charlotte today around 11:45AM while Grandpa watched Graham. I ended up riding the Echo Bike for an easy 20:00 yesterday, which I thought would handle any leg soreness, but my left hamstring was still pretty sore from all the deadlifts on Wednesday. We warmed up pretty extensively and then hit this one.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 reps for time of:

  • Overhead Squats (115#)
  • Bar-Facing Burpee

To my surprise, I ended up going unbroken on all the overhead squats without much trouble. Finished in 11:01. I really enjoyed this one. We’ll probably program something similar in the upcoming months at CFU when looking for something overhead + below parallel at a lighter load.

Finished with some BTWB handstand walking accessory:

  1. 3×30 on/30 off Hollow Hold
  2. 3×12 Box Weight Shifts (video below)
  3. 1×15 Wall Kick Ups
  4. 3x30ft Straight Leg Bear Crawls


Back in the gym today! Headed into the 11AM class. As much as I love training at home, it’s always nice to get to train with other folks, especially during a workout I enjoy.

Today, we repeated 13.2, which I actually did a few weeks back. Previous scores were:

Back on 7/7/20, I had only slept a few hours the night previous so I knew I could do far better and probably PR.

10 min AMRAP:

  • 5 Shoulder to Overhead (115#)
  • 10 Deadlift (115#)
  • 15 Box Jump

I moved consistently through everything and ended up PRing with 8+14! Really stoked about that. Rebounded each box jump and took a quick breath between the S2OH and deadlift each time instead of trying to hang on to the bar.