500m Row
6 Samson Complex
6 Goblet Stretch
10 Low Side Lunge
10 Pull-ups


1 min ES:

  • Banded ankle distraction
  • Banded front rack


5×3 Front Squat

1×3 @ 95#
1×3 @ 135#
1×3 @ 165#
1×3 @ 195#
5×3 @ 205#

Didn’t feel too bad today. Last time we did pause front squats, I did a set of 2 at 205 with a 3 second pause at the bottom so today wasn’t a major improvement. It didn’t feel really smooth though.


11 min AMRAP:

4 Muscle-ups
6 Turkish Getup (53#)
20 Bodyweight Squats

Result: 1+2

First WOD doing ring muscle-ups! I made it through the first set pretty easily. I rested around :20 between each muscle-up. Turkish getups were straight through 3 on each side. The second set of muscle-ups stumped me. I did the first one without a problem. Then, I failed 4 times before the second complete rep (resting :30 each time around). I was getting plenty high, but I would fall out in the catch position. I finally got a second one with roughly 90 seconds left in the WOD and couldn’t get another. I felt a bit bummed to get so few reps in on this WOD, but I did get a lot of practice in on muscle-ups.

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Jeremey DuVall

Jeremey is a Happiness Engineer and Team Lead at Automattic, makers of WordPress.com and more. He also co-founded a nonprofit called Drink for Pink that supports local breast cancer research in Colorado. He writes and speaks about leadership, learning, and self-improvement.

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