This workout could alternatively be titled “Vacation Kicks Your Ass.” Didn’t work out for 11 straight days while we traveled to Thailand. Had a blast, but it surely showed today. Had a really rough time and some of my worst scores ever on two benchmarks.

Warm Up

800M Run
8 Inch Worm
10 KB Swing
5 KB Swing Heavy
5 Strict Pull Up
10 Kipping Pull Up

– Couch Stretch
– Elbow 2 Instep

Met Con


Jeremey: 6:36

Met Con


3 Rounds For Time Of:
400M Run
21 KB Swing (53/35#)
12 Pull Up

Jeremey: 9:56

Helen, in particular, was disappointing. I came off the first run in 1:27, and I was done with the first round in 2:30. Came in off the second run at 4:15 (1:45 run). I’m not sure what time I left for the last run, but it couldn’t have been more than 5:40. The wheels came off during the third run. I came in at 7:50 after almost walking. I had to break up the KB swings to 11-10 and thought I was going to puke the entire time. Did sets of 4 to finish the pull-ups. I’m never taking another vacation again! 🙂

Got in 3 miles of rucking in the afternoon with a 30# pack. Walked around Westminster Hills dog park with Tucker. Did 50 steps of walking/50 steps of running the entire time. Averaged 14:06/mile.screen-shot-2017-02-08-at-8-12-11-pm


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Jeremey DuVall

Jeremey is a Happiness Engineer and Team Lead at Automattic, makers of WordPress.com and more. He also co-founded a nonprofit called Drink for Pink that supports local breast cancer research in Colorado. He writes and speaks about leadership, learning, and self-improvement.

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