Warm Up

200M Row Sprint
5 Goblet Stretch
6 Cossach Squat
7 Perfect Air Squat
100M Run (Fast)
1 Rope Climb

Coach Led Clean Prep

Met Con

4 Rounds For Time Of:

2 Rope Climb
100M Sprint
4 Clean (225/155#)
100M Sprint

Jeremey: 17:30 (205# Clean)
Charlotte: 21:17 (125# Clean)

Although I had to scale down the clean, I’m still pretty pumped about this one. Back on 5/15/17, we did a 1RM on clean, and I failed at 215# multiple times. Today, I didn’t have any misses at 205# over 16 attempts. Everything else was fine – the cleans took the majority of the time.