Started the week off by heading to the 5am class. Feeling pretty good. Went for a 3 mile walk yesterday to work out any lingering soreness. I didn’t sleep well for some reason, but otherwise, ready to attack the workout.

After a warm-up, we started building in weight through the following EMOM.

E2MOM x 10 min:

  • 5 Deadlifts building in weight
  • 5 Box Jumps

I built in DL weight 135, 225, 275, 295, 315. Box jump height was 30” across.

For the working sets, we had:

E3MOM for 15 min:

  • 5 Deadlifts @ 315#
  • 5 Box Jumps @ 30”+35# & 25# plates

Deadlifts felt heavy today! I wasn’t sure if it was the early morning lifting or what, but my back was feeling tight. Got through it though.

As a cash out, we tackled:

3 rounds NFT:

  • 10 V-Up
  • :30 Side Plank Right
  • 20 Hollow Rock
  • :30 Side Plank Left


Ah Saturdays in the DuVall household. Always an adventure working out! Charlotte took Quinn to the park, and I laid Graham down. Tried to sneak in a workout while he napped. He woke up halfway through 😂

Filthy Fifty

For time:

  • 50 Box Jumps
  • 50 Jumping Pull-ups
  • 50 KB Swings
  • 50 Lunges
  • 50 K2E
  • 50 Push Press
  • 50 Supermans (sub for back extension)
  • 50 DB Thrusters at 2×20# (sub for wall balls)
  • 50 Burpee
  • 50 Double Unders

Time: 25:47


Well, Graham decided he wasn’t going to nap so he joined me in the garage for this one.

Every 3:00 for 15:00:

  • 10 Back Squats (185#)
  • 100m Sprint

I finished the squats around :30-:35 seconds each round. Then, I was done with the Sprint by 1:00-1:05. Overall, felt manageable. I probably would’ve done 205# maybe, but this definitely hit the desired sprint stimulus.

Finished off with this:

EMOM for 10 min alternating between:

  • 10 Strict Pull-ups
  • 10 Strict Ring Dips

Had to break up the last 3 rounds of each movement. Got tough!

Photo of the setup


Headed into the 11:30AM class because Charlotte was working from home and able to watch the baby. My legs are feeling a bit sore after yesterday’s pistol accessory work.

3×4 min AMRAPs with 2:00 rest between:

  • 8 Cal Bike
  • 8 Hang Power Snatch (95#)
  • 8 Burpee Over Bar

Result: 7+4

This was a “continue where you left off” kind of AMRAP so we ended with a running total. My individual rounds though were 2+20, 2+5, and 2+3.

Overall, I felt good throughout. I tried to keep a moderate pace on the bike so I wouldn’t burn out. The snatches were all unbroken. I maintained a very fast pace on the burpees for the first 5ish rounds but slowed down towards the end where I would take a quick breath before hopping over the bar each time. The bar definitely started to feel heavy towards the end!


I was originally planning on going into the gym today, but for various reasons, I worked out in the garage instead. This was a modified workout from CrossFit.com.

15-minute AMRAP:

  • 20 PVC Sit-ups
  • 20 Turkish Get-ups (50#)
  • 20 PVC Sit-ups
  • 10/10 OH Walking Lunges (50#)

Result: 1+21

AMRAP is a bit misleading here! I only managed to get just over one round. I ended up subbing in PVC sit-ups in place of the weighted sit-ups because I felt like I was using too much momentum while holding the dumbbell.

For an accessory piece, I completed 60 alternating pistols not for time. Felt good! Wore my Reebok Nanos without any issues (usually would’ve switched to lifters to make it easier).


Today’s workout used the rower so I wanted to make sure I got it in. Headed into the 5AM while Charlotte was on baby duty.


For time:

  • 1 mile run
  • 2k row
  • 1 mile run

Time: 22:17

My first mile was around 6:35. With the transition, I started rowing at 7:00. The 2k row took me right at 8:04 for a 2:01 average, which meant I headed out the door somewhere around 15:15 for the second mile. That puts my last mile around 7:00, which feels right. Overall, I should’ve run harder on the second mile and pushed the row harder.


Headed into the 11:30AM class. Feeling pretty good after yesterday’s lifting session. Shoulders are just a bit tired, but that wasn’t an issue for today’s leg-dominated day.

On a 16-minute clock:

  • 1:00 Max Double Unders
  • Tabata Pistols (Alternating legs each tabata interval)
  • 1:00 Max Box Jump Overs (24″)
  • Rest 2:00

This was effectively a two-round workout with a 2:00 rest between rounds.

For the first round, I started off with 100 double unders in the first minute. Then, I completed 39 pistols during the tabata and 29 box jump overs for a total of 168. On the second round, I went 99, 43, 30 for a total of 172. Happy to improve my score in round two!

Finisher: Alternating tabata of:

  • Hollow Hold
  • Superman Hold


Out in the garage at 11:30am with Charlotte to knock this one out. Graham watched as he decided he wasn’t going to nap.

Shoulder press 1-1-1-1-1 reps
Push press 3-3-3-3-3 reps
Push Jerk 5-5-5-5-5 reps

We last did this one in November of 2017. Back then, I hit 135/155/155. I hit the exact same today. My shoulders were pretty sore still from Saturday. Actual numbers:

  • 125/125/125/125/135
  • 155/155/155/155/155
  • 135/145/155/155/155


After taking both kids to Starbucks so Charlotte could workout, she took over the kids so I was solo around 9am to lift.

To prep for the workout, I worked up in some push jerks.

4 min EMOM: 3 Push Jerks

  • 95#
  • 115#
  • 135#
  • 155#

Then, I hit the workout for the day.

18 min AMRAP:

  • 12 Cal Bike
  • 9 Push Jerks (135)
  • 12 PVC Sit-ups

Result: 5+12

Did all the push jerks in sets of 5/4.