We had some errands to run today so we hit up the earlier class at 8am.


800M Run
10 Samson Stretch
9 Strict Pull Up
8 Push Up
7 Hand Stand Shoulder Touches (each arm)
6 Box Jump (warm up)
5 Goblet Stretch
4 Box Jump (higher)
3 Chest 2 Bar

Met Con

3 rounds:

1000m Row
20 Pull-up
30 Box Jump

Jeremey: 20:01
Charlotte: 27:49

Did 10/10 for all the pull-ups and rebounded on all the box jumps. First row averaged 1:52, second 1:55, third 1:58.


Warm Up

800m Run
20 Lunges
Shoulder Circuit
10 Passthroughs
Push Up Pyramid
10 Air Squats

Met Con

22 Min. AMRAP

20 Overhead Walking Lunge (45/25)
18 Sit Ups
16 Wall Balls (20/14)
14 Push Ups
200m Run

Result: 5+5

The OHWL were the hardest part for me. I was able to get through 4/5 sets without breaking them up. The last set, I had to go 12/8. The only other thing I broke were the push-ups, which I broke from the very beginning. I did 7/7 for the first three sets then 5/5/4 for the last two.


Felt a bit more rested today than yesterday. Had to work late last night, but back at it for the 4:30pm class today.

Warm Up

2 Rounds of:

250M Row
10 Passthrough
10 KB Swing
10 Bar GM
10 SG Press (behind the neck)

Burgener Warm Up

Met Con

Hang Power Snatch 3-3-3-3-3 reps


Charlotte: Hit 80# for highest set of 3

Extra Work

– 200M Waiter Walk KB (53#)


I’ll start today by saying that I only slept 4 hours the night before after a red eye flight from San Fran. I knew today was going to be rough in the gym and boy was I right!

Warm Up

30 Doubles 20 Singles 10 Doubles (unbroken)
10 Passthrough
9 Reverse Burpee
8 Pull Up
7 Goblet Stretch
5 Wall Walk
4 Ring Muscle Up
5 Dumbbell Thruster

Met Con


DB Thruster (50/35)
Ring Muscle-up

I did 5 ring muscle-ups then scaled to C2B and ring dip. I just felt smoked today and completely out of energy.

Time: 15:15


Last day working out at Grassroots CrossFit since I fly back tomorrow. Late-ish bedtime last night meant that getting up at 5:45am wasn’t exactly fun!

We started with back squats doing 3×1@85-90% then 1×3 at 80-85%. I ended up doing:


Then, we jumped into a metcon of:

3 rounds for time:

400m sandbag run
20 T2B
20 Box Jump Over

Time: 14:30

The sandbag run was grueling! Broke up the T2B in 11-9 for the first two rounds then 11-5-4 for the last round.


Went to Grassroots CrossFit for another 6:30am workout. Glad my AirBnB is so close!

We started with a 12 min EMOM alternating between:

  • 5 HSPU
  • 5 Strict pull-up
  • 10 push-up

I was happily able to get all sets of HSPU in unbroken pretty easily. Maybe these are finally coming around!?

Then, we jumped into a metcon of:

1.5 mile Air Assault
20 C&J @ 135#
1000m Row

Time: 14:34

The C&Js didn’t feel particularly great today. Not sure if I’m just tired or what, but I didn’t feel like pushing it. More water, less beer today at the conference!


I’m in California for True University 2017 so I joined Grassroots CrossFit for their 6:30am class.

Deadlift – work up to a heavy 1rm then do 3×3 @ 90% of that.


Legs are still feeling the Ragnar a bit so didn’t push it too much today. 345 still felt very manageable.

Met Con


Front Squat 155#
20 DUs after each set

Time: 11:07

I was able to do all of the front squats unbroken, which surprised me. The set of 10 hurt!