4 x 5/3/2 with 30 seconds rest between sets and 90 seconds between rounds
1. Barbell RDL – 245 lb.
2. Barbell Push Press – 105 lb.

4 sets of 8 reps
B1. Seated Cable Row – 120 lb.
B2. Landmine Single Leg RDL – 45 lb.

3 sets of 20 seconds
C1. Hanging Unilateral March
C2. Ab Wheel Iso

3 sets of 10 reps
D1. Brady Band Circuit – Green band


4 sets of 5/3/2 – resting 30 seconds between sets and alternating exercises
A1. Deadlift – 245lbs
A2. Barbell Split Squat – 45 lb dumbbells

B1. Dumbbell Floor Press – 55 lb dumbbells (hard as shit to get up while laying down)
B2. Seated Row – 120 lb.

C1. Banded Pull-aparts – Green band
C2. Face Pull – 20 lbs

I’ll be honest – this one kicked my ass. By the fourth round of the opening duo, I was sweating pretty badly. My palms were making it difficult to hold onto the bar during the 3-rep and 2-rep sets. However, I made it through. Knee didn’t feel too bad during the split squats.


4 sets of 5/3/2 with 30 seconds between sets alternating exercises
A1. Barbell Bench Press – 185 (for the last set, I only managed 5/2/1)
A2. Pullup – 25 lbs weighted (Only managed 5/3/1 for the last set)

B1. Band-Resisted Pushup (Used a light yellow band)
B2. Half-Kneeling Cable Row – 100lbs (used both arms at once)

C1. 3×10 – Side Bridge Wall Slide
C2. 3x20sec – Waiter’s Walk – 15 lbs (my overhead stability on my left side is terrible)


Holy cow did I feel crappy today after 10+ days out of the gym. I wasn’t entirely inactive throughout that period as we spent several days hiking 9+ miles/day in Bryce Canyon National Park and Zion National Park, but I definitely didn’t have a consistent movement practice. Compound that with the fact that I was sleeping on a tent for part of the week and sharing a bed for the other part and that leads to one shitty day of movement.

My knee was acting up again today, likely due to the fact that I went running a few days in Key West and neglected to stretch or foam roll at all. Regardless, here’s what went down in the gym today:

4 sets of 5/3/2 (Rest was 30, 30, 90)

Push Press @ 95lbs
I’m continually impressed with how shitty I am overhead

Sumo Deadlift @ 255lbs
This actually felt pretty light, but my movement felt stiff and choppy so I kept it relatively light.

A) Seated Row 4×8 @ 120lbs
B) Single-leg landmine deadlift 4×8 @ 45lbs (in addition to bar)

A) Static roll-out holds 3x20s
B) Hanging alternating knee raises 3x20s
C) Banded no-monkeys 3×10

A week out of the gym literally killed me. I’m going to be feeling this tomorrow.


This week was supposed to be the start of Month 7 programming from Scrawny to Brawny, but I messed up and didn’t get the new workouts until yesterday. So, today was actually the first day of the new programming. Warmed up with some deep squat holds for a few minutes and some bar pass throughs. Then, proceeded on:

1. Bench Press – 5/3/2 x 2, 30 seconds rest between sets, 90 seconds before doing it again – Completed with 175lbs

2. Pull-up 5/3/2 x 2 (same as above) – done with 15lb dumbbell at feed. Probably could have gone heavier here, but I focused more on using a slow and controlled tempo.

3A. Band-resisted push-ups – 4×8
3B. Bodyweight Row – 4×8

4A. Side plank wall slides – 3×8 ES
4B. Band pull-aparts – 3×8

Didn’t feel too bad today. Felt really strong on the bench press.

Mobility WOD: 3 minutes of the couch stretch each side