Today featured quite a bit of walking (just shy of 8,500 steps) and a solid workout. Didn’t get any biking in, but will likely remedy that this weekend. Here was the workout:

Warm-up: 500m row (1:55)

2×60 sec – Single-leg Squat Hold

2 sets of 8,7,6,5 with 2 minutes rest between sets
A) Bench Press @ 145lbs
B) Seated Row @130lbs

A) Hanging alternating knee raise (10 each side)
B) Band pull-aparts


Didn’t get in an official workout today, but did have quite a bit of activity. Ended up riding my bike to Cured from our place up in Gunbarrel, which ended up being around 16 miles roundtrip.

As an aside, after not riding for 6 months, my rear end is really thanking me for doing two rides in a row without cycling shorts on! 🙂


Had quite a bit of activity today. Finished with around 8,000 steps according to the Move app. Also, rode my bike to a coffee shop this afternoon, which amounted to 10ish miles of riding. The workout today was as follows:

2 rounds of 8, 7, 6, 5 (2 minutes rest in between rounds)
A. Sumo Deadlift @ 225lbs
B. Chest-supported Row @ 190lbs

A. Dumbbell Push Press @ 30lbs
B. Parallel grip pull-up

Stability Ball Hamstring Curl
Windmill (15lbs)

Pallof Press 3×20 sec each side @ 20 lbs

This is also the first part of the #100activedays challenge we’re doing at Automattic.


Last workout of Month 7 programming for Scrawny to Brawny. Here’s what went down:

5/3/2 w/ 30 seconds between sets:

1A. Deadlift – 235lbs (went down a bit because grip was sweaty and terrible)
1B. Split Squat – 40’s (knee actually felt fine surprisingly

2A. Floor Press – 50’s
2B. Double-arm cable row – 50 each side

3A. Face pull – 30 lb.
3B. Band pull-apart – yellow band
3C. Hanging alternating knee raise – 20 seconds