First day of Ragnar Trail Snowmass, CO! Awesome team from Undeniable. I was the fourth runner of the group so my legs went Green, Red, then Yellow. Here are the recaps. We ended up finishing 9/100 teams!

Leg #1 – Green (12:15pm)

First, it was pretty damn hot when I took off for this one (somewhere in the low 80’s with no clouds). This was the green (easiest) route so the total was roughly 4 miles. It start off nice and flat, but then it quickly got hilly. I was able to run 95% of the route, but honestly, this was the hardest run of the day.

Time: 32:14
Distance: 4 miles
Pace: 7:56/mile

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 12.52.57 PM.png

Leg #2 – Red (6:30pm)

This was supposed to be the hardest route, but I actually had a ton of fun. It was straight uphill for the first three miles then straight downhill for the last 3.75 miles. I managed to run the entire road bit and then walked the last steep climb on the trail before descending.

Time: 1:05:08
Distance: 6.7 miles
Pace: 9:41/mile

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 12.54.38 PM.png

Lap #3 – Yellow (1:30am)

I ran the yellow loop last, and I was pretty zonked. I didn’t sleep at all before the run, but I think I would’ve been more out of it if I had.

Time: 35:37
Distance: 3.71 miles
Pace: 9:36/mile

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 12.56.33 PM.png


Warm Up

200M Row Sprint
5 Goblet Stretch
6 Cossach Squat
7 Perfect Air Squat
100M Run (Fast)
1 Rope Climb

Coach Led Clean Prep

Met Con

4 Rounds For Time Of:

2 Rope Climb
100M Sprint
4 Clean (225/155#)
100M Sprint

Jeremey: 17:30 (205# Clean)
Charlotte: 21:17 (125# Clean)

Although I had to scale down the clean, I’m still pretty pumped about this one. Back on 5/15/17, we did a 1RM on clean, and I failed at 215# multiple times. Today, I didn’t have any misses at 205# over 16 attempts. Everything else was fine – the cleans took the majority of the time.


Warm Up

Team WOD!

Met Con

AMCAP – As Many Cards As Possible in 25 min

Hearts – O.H.W.L. (45/25#)
Diamonds – Pull Up
Spades – Burpee Box Jump
Clubs – Dips

Joker 1 – 20 KB Snatch
Joker 2 – 30 Toes 2 Bar

I paired up with Stuart, Jamie, Charlotte, and Hillary (Team Average Joes). We dominated at dodgeball! For the actual workout, we pulled a lot of high cards right off the bat, especially pull-ups. I think we got through 21 cards total.


I convinced my awesome wife to stick around and do the following with me:

Assault Bike Calories
GHD Situps

Wasn’t too bad. Likely will start at 35 or 40 next time and work down by 5’s.


Warm Up

200M Suitcase Carry
6 Samson/Hip Stretch
5 Goblet Stretch (shift/twist)

Bring Sally On!


Back Squat
3-2-2-2-1-1-1-1-1 reps


Felt good to hit a 5# PR even though the legs were sore!