Some friends are coming over for brunch. With two kiddos, Saturday mornings are now interesting when both Charlotte and I are trying to work out. We managed to get workouts in albeit at separate times. I headed out into the garage at 10:30AM for a short strength piece from Linchpin.

Back Squat – 5×3 with 73×1 tempo

I warmed up with 95, 135, and 155. Then, I hit a tempo set at 185 before doing all of my main sets at 205. Holy crap that tempo was challenging! The last set on every rep was difficult.

I finished with 3×20 barbell front rack walking lunge at 95#.



Back Squat-5×7

After every set, perform a 1:00 wall sit.

That wall sit really changed things! I built from 135, 155, 185, 205, and 205 for my five sets. Made all the wall sits unbroken except for the last two (40/20).


10 min EMOM:

  • Min 1: 18 Cal Row
  • Min 2: 10 Front Squats (135)

Managed to get all the reps even on the row, which was very impressive for me!


First time back in the gym! It was great to work out alongside other people for a change.

We started off with a strength piece followed by a leg destroyer of a metcon.


6 sets (every 2:00) of 7 Back Squats. I warmed up with 95 and 135 lb before starting my working sets.

  • 1×7@155
  • 1×7@185
  • 1×7@205
  • 3×7@225

I was happy with 225# today. I probably could’ve gotten a bit heavier, but since I haven’t been under a bar in awhile, I thought it prudent to stay at a manageable weight.


14 min AMRAP:

  • 7 Front Squats (135)
  • 14 Wall Balls (20#)
  • 21 Abmat Situps

Result: 6+23

This was a burner of a metcon! I stayed unbroken on the wall balls until the 5th round (9/5).



Back Squat

  • 95# x10
  • 135# x8
  • 155# x8
  • 185# x5
  • 225# x5
  • 235# x4
  • 255# x3
  • 275# x2

Legs felt a bit lousy, but we got it done!


EMOM for 10 minutes:

  • 12 Russian Kettlebell Swings, 53 lbs
  • 12 Squats

Honestly, this felt pretty easy. I finished each set in 34 seconds without any trouble. Probably should’ve increased the reps!


Feeling good coming off of a rest day yesterday. Quinn was also back in daycare today, which is a great relief. We finally have time to workout on our own again.

We had to pick up something from the gym so we actually went in there for a workout. Great to be back in the gym if only for a short time!


Over 15:00, work up to a 5RM back squat.

Since I haven’t squatted with a barbell in some time, I took this a bit easier than normal. I worked up to 255 and 265 for my heaviest sets of 5. Felt good!


Every 3:00 for 4 sets:

  • 75 Double Unders
  • 25 Wall Balls

Rest remainder of time.

My first three sets were on point. I finished right at 1:40 with everything going unbroken. The wheels came off during my last set 😂 I broke my DUs once and the wall balls 3x (10/8/7). This was a tough metcon!!



In 20:00, find a 5-rep back squat.

I worked up:

  • 5@135
  • 5@175
  • 5@205
  • 3@225
  • 1@245
  • 1@270
  • 5@275

Last time, I believe I hit 277, but given I was pretty darn sore from this week, I’m happy to have hit 275.


Max Assault Bike Cals in 2:00.

I hit 48.3 keeping RPMs between 70-80 for the majority of the time except the very end when I sprinted to the finish.


Busy morning with the coaches meeting and letting Char get in a workout so I headed in at 4:45am to knock out some work.


E2MOM for 10 minutes:

2 snatches + 1 hang snatch

No dropping the bar between reps. All were squat snatches. I worked up to 135 and failed there at the hang snatch. Still, I was happy to hit that for 2 touch-n-go squat snatches.

Then, I did some back squats:

  • 65%x5 (195)
  • 70%x5 (210)
  • 75%x5 (225)
  • 80%x5 (240)
  • 85%x5 (255)

I based all of the percentages off of 300#.


For time:

30 muscle-ups

Kicker: Each time you come off the rings, perform 3 power cleans at 135#.

Time: 10:43

I went 5 and 4 for the first two sets. 3s the rest of the way.


3 sets of:

1x 5-position snatch halting deadlift*

All done at 155#

*Perform a 2 second pause in each of the following positions: 1″ off the floor, 1″ below the knee, launch mid-thigh, high hang. Smooth tempo returning to the start position.