Last day working out at Grassroots CrossFit since I fly back tomorrow. Late-ish bedtime last night meant that getting up at 5:45am wasn’t exactly fun!

We started with back squats doing 3×1@85-90% then 1×3 at 80-85%. I ended up doing:


Then, we jumped into a metcon of:

3 rounds for time:

400m sandbag run
20 T2B
20 Box Jump Over

Time: 14:30

The sandbag run was grueling! Broke up the T2B in 11-9 for the first two rounds then 11-5-4 for the last round.


Warm Up

200M Suitcase Carry
6 Samson/Hip Stretch
5 Goblet Stretch (shift/twist)

Bring Sally On!


Back Squat
3-2-2-2-1-1-1-1-1 reps


Felt good to hit a 5# PR even though the legs were sore!


Warm Up
3 Rounds Of:
100M Sprint
4 Samson/Hip
5 Strict Pull Up
6 Cossach Stretch
1 Rope Climb

Met Con

For Time:
10 Rope Climbs, 15″
20 Back Squats, 225#
30 Handstand Push-ups
40 Calorie Row

Had to scale this one down to 185# on the back squat. Did all of those unbroken. The main hurdle was transitioning over my head. Did the HSPU in sets of 3 up to 15 and then 2/1 afterwards.

Jeremey – 20:33

Extra Work
1 Mile Run (w/ weighted vest if you have one)


Warm Up
200M Run
250M Row
10 Lunges
5 Strict Pull Up
10 Lunges
10 KB Swing
10 Goblet Squat
7 Kipping Pull Up

– Banded Lat Pull
– Ankle Distraction

Met Con
3 Rounds For Reps Of:

1 Min Back Squat (135/95#)
* 1 Min rest
1 Min Chest 2 Bar Pull Up
* 1 Min rest
1 Min Power Clean (135/95#)
* 1 Min rest

Jeremey – 145 Rx
Char – 116 Rx

The power cleans really got me. I was getting roughly 20-25 reps on the back squat, 15 reps on the chest to bar, and 10 on the power clean each round.


Warm Up

500M Row
6 Samson Stretch
5 Goblet Stretch
6 Cossach Squat
10 KB Swing
10 Goodmorning (bar)


– Ankle distraction


10 x 3 Back Squat*

*Perform as heavy as possible. 90 seconds rest between sets

Jeremey – 230#
Charlotte – 155#

Compare to 11/29/16. 5# increase from the last time we did this. I could’ve probably gone heavier, but I didn’t want to push it. My back is feeling a bit off since Nancy on Monday. After each odd set, I did a set of muscle-ups. I ended up getting 5 in a row on my third set (pr!). Starting to feel more comfortable in the kip for sure.


Warm Up
400M Run
10 Squat
20 Lunge
10 Box Jump
10 KB Swing
10 Press

– Front Rack Stretch
– Lying Hamstring Stretch

5×10 Back Squat @ 165#

Went light on the back squat today and worked on foot positioning with Eric. All of the reps were done with a band around my knees forcing me to push out. My feet were hip width apart with toes pointed forward.

Met Con
10 min AMRAP:

5 Shoulder to Overhead (115/75)
10 Deadlift (115/75)
15 Box Jump (24/20)

Jeremey: 7+16

Nice little PR! My previous score was 6+6 a little less than a year ago. For this round, I did step-ups instead of box jumps (still Rx) and cycled the push presses faster. My shoulders felt stronger as well.