Traps and shoulders are feeling pretty beat up today from hauling those dumbbells up and down the box yesterday! Legs surprisingly feel fine though. I honestly thought that would be the worst part.

In the garage at 11AM to hit today’s Street Parking workout.

Every 5:00 for 25:00 (5 rounds):

  • 200m Run
  • 12 Ring Rows (Feet elevated on 24″ box)
  • 12 Back Squats at 135# (Bar comes from the floor)
  • 200m Run

Set times were 2:44, 2:51, 2:59, 3:09, and 3:12. Back Squats were all unbroken and honestly not too bad. Ring rows were mostly broken 7/5. They were definitely challenging during the last round (7/4/1)!


Headed into the 11:30AM class today. Great to get back in the gym and work out with other people for a change although I do love getting it done in the garage.

We started with a doozy of a strength set.


EMOM for 8 min alternating betwee:

  • 4 Front Squats
  • 8 Back Squats

This was prescribed at 67% of your 1RM Back Squat. In our recent powerlifting cycle, that ended up being 315# so I went with 211# on the bar. The last few front squats were challenging but definitely doable.

Legs felt like jello headed into the metcon.


9-6-3-6-9 reps for time of:

  • Burpee Box Jump Over (30″)
  • Bar Muscle-ups

Time: 9:29

I was a hero for the first few rounds and did the 9-6-3 all unbroken on the bar. I did take the burpees more cautiously knowing that I would need some extra recovery time there. I had to break my second set of 6 up into 4/2 and then finally 4/2/2/1 for the final set of 9. Ultimately, if I did this again, I would break up the reps sooner and possibly go sets of 3-4 the entire time instead of trying to go unbroken. Ego got the best of me!


Back in the garage after the trip to Chicago last week. Last night was also the first night of good sleep in awhile with the kids back in their own beds. Out in the garage around 11:30 feeling good!


7×1 Back Squat

This was the main bit programmed today for Linchpin. I spent a good 15-20 minutes warming up including hitting some sets at 135#, 185#, 225#, and 255# before starting my working sets.

For my working sets, I went every 2:30 and completed:

  • 4 sets @ 285# (roughly 90% of my max)
  • 3 sets @ 295# (roughly 94% of my max)

These felt really strong! I’d like to get up to a point where I could do all 7 sets at 315.


Finished off with:

  • 3×20 Dumbbell Front Rack Lunge (2x50s)
  • 3x40s Side Plank Each Side


Out in the garage at 12PM for some heavy squats.


Back Squat:

  • 3 @ 135#
  • 3 @ 185#
  • 2 @ 225#
  • 1 @ 255#
  • 1 @ 265#
  • 2 @ 285#

Felt pretty solid throughout. I wanted to get 3 or more at 285#, but it wasn’t in the cards today.


For time:

  • 20 Burpee Box Jump Overs (24/20)
  • 40 Empty Bar Thrusters (45#)

This was meant to feel like a Fran effort with more approachable loadings. It hit the mark! I finished in 3:10 and went unbroken on the thrusters. Definitely burned!


Re-started the handstand walking program from BTWB now that Graham is in school, and I have some extra time to workout in the day.

  1. 60 Sec Handstand Hold (40s, 20s)
  2. 3×5 Box Walk Outs (24″ Box)
  3. 3×16 Plank Shifts


Brought Graham to the 11:30AM class to work out with me. Legs are feeling a little sore after Cindy on Saturday but not too bad.


Back Squat 5×3

  • 3@135
  • 3@185
  • 3@215
  • 3@225
  • 3@245
  • 6@260

Happy to squeak out 6 on the last set. Better than last week’s performance.


10 min partner AMRAP:

  • 5 Hang Power Snatch (95#)
  • 5 K2E

Partnered with Zach and we pushed the pace the entire time. Ended up completing 29+3 rounds. I went first so I finished 15 rounds even myself. Pretty tough on the grip!


Well, Graham decided he wasn’t going to nap so he joined me in the garage for this one.

Every 3:00 for 15:00:

  • 10 Back Squats (185#)
  • 100m Sprint

I finished the squats around :30-:35 seconds each round. Then, I was done with the Sprint by 1:00-1:05. Overall, felt manageable. I probably would’ve done 205# maybe, but this definitely hit the desired sprint stimulus.

Finished off with this:

EMOM for 10 min alternating between:

  • 10 Strict Pull-ups
  • 10 Strict Ring Dips

Had to break up the last 3 rounds of each movement. Got tough!

Photo of the setup


Some friends are coming over for brunch. With two kiddos, Saturday mornings are now interesting when both Charlotte and I are trying to work out. We managed to get workouts in albeit at separate times. I headed out into the garage at 10:30AM for a short strength piece from Linchpin.

Back Squat – 5×3 with 73×1 tempo

I warmed up with 95, 135, and 155. Then, I hit a tempo set at 185 before doing all of my main sets at 205. Holy crap that tempo was challenging! The last set on every rep was difficult.

I finished with 3×20 barbell front rack walking lunge at 95#.