Went into the garage with Charlotte, and I tested a workout that’s coming up for next week.

7x 1 minute rounds with 3 minutes rest between each:

  • 14 Box Jump Overs
  • Max Assault Bike Cals in remaining time

I finished each round of box jump overs in roughly 28 seconds. I was pedaling when the timer hit 30 seconds. I didn’t record my score, but this was a sufficiently difficult workout.

Finished with 5 rounds not for time of:

  • 30 Double Unders
  • 15 KB Swings
  • 9 PVC Sit-ups


Headed into the 11:30AM class. Feeling pretty good after yesterday’s lifting session. Shoulders are just a bit tired, but that wasn’t an issue for today’s leg-dominated day.

On a 16-minute clock:

  • 1:00 Max Double Unders
  • Tabata Pistols (Alternating legs each tabata interval)
  • 1:00 Max Box Jump Overs (24″)
  • Rest 2:00

This was effectively a two-round workout with a 2:00 rest between rounds.

For the first round, I started off with 100 double unders in the first minute. Then, I completed 39 pistols during the tabata and 29 box jump overs for a total of 168. On the second round, I went 99, 43, 30 for a total of 172. Happy to improve my score in round two!

Finisher: Alternating tabata of:

  • Hollow Hold
  • Superman Hold


Only got 3 hours of sleep at the most last night. Feeling pretty gassed today and my hamstrings are definitely feeling it from the deadlifts yesterday. Headed out into the garage around 9AM to get this one done from Street Parking.


3×3 min AMRAP with a minute rest in between:

  • 6 Power Snatch (75#)
  • 9 Pull-ups
  • 12 Box Jump Overs (24″)

The suggested pace was 1 minute per round on this one, which I found very quick. Despite doing all of the pull-ups unbroken and consistently moving on the others, I only managed 7+3. I was through 2+8 on the first round. 4+11 on the second.

I thought my back might be a little tight from the deadlifts going into the power snatches, but it was fine probably due to the light weight.

Bro Sesh

Did some bro lifting afterwards.

E2M for 10 minutes:

  • 8 Bent Over Row (125#)
  • 10 Strict Press (75#)

Then, E2M for 8 minutes:

  • 12 Banded Lat Pulldowns (orange band)
  • 12 Front Raise (25# plate)


Calves and legs are feeling pretty good from the 400m runs on Tuesday! We headed down in the basement with Quinn around 10:30 to knock out the workout while he colored on the walls.


5 sets of:

  • :30 Goblet Squats (50#)
  • :30 Bodyweight Squats
  • :30 Wall Sit

Rest 1:00 between rounds.

These burned quite a bit! I was able to make it through all sets moving consistently though.


5 rounds for time:

  • 10 Front Squats
  • 10 Strict Pull-ups
  • 14 Box Jump Overs (24”)

Rest 1:00 between rounds.

My times were 1:17, 1:10, 1:14, 1:32, and 1:47 for a total time of 11:00. My strict pull-ups went from unbroken to sets of 2 by the end!


Headed down into the basement again to get a workout in and distract Quinn with markers and a scooter. Proved a bit less successful than last time! He wanted to play, which proved to be a welcomed distraction during this workout. I didn’t mind the breaks!


3 rounds each for time of:

  • 30 Box Jump Overs (24″)
  • 25 Double Dumbbell Deadlifts (50#)
  • 20 DB Thrusters (50#)

Rest 1:30 between rounds.

I moved with purpose on the BJO and went 15/10 on deadlifts and 11/9 on all rounds of thrusters. Times were:

  • Round 1: 4:30
  • Round 2: 4:45
  • Round 3: 5:05

The thrusters were by far the hardest part and required some serious mental strength to grab the dumbbells again!


4×10 Dumbbell RDL (3/0/x/1 tempo)


Worked out with the noon class! Ate some more carbs this morning and an apple before the workout so I was feeling pretty solid.

For time:

180 Double Unders
60 KB Swings (53#)
40 Box Jump Overs (24″)
20 Muscle-ups
40 Box Jump Overs (24″)
60 KB Swings (53#)
180 Double Unders

Time: 22:51 Rx

I surprised myself by going 180 unbroken on the first set of double unders. I kept the KB Swings to 4×15. The box jump overs were done using the “jump, twist, step down” format, and I just tried to keep moving the entire time. Muscle-ups felt GREAT today – hit 5×4 roughly EMOM style. Last set of Double Unders were 100-27-23-30.


Joined the noon class again today for a bruiser of a workout:

8 min AMRAP:

200m Run
10 DB Thrusters (50#)
8 Box Jump Overs (24″)

Rest 1 min

6 min AMRAP:

100m Run
8 DB Thrusters (50#)
6 Box Jump Overs (24″)

Rest 1 min

4 min AMRAP:

50m Run
6 DB Thrusters (50#)
4 Box Jump Overs (24″)

I ended up hitting 3+7, 3+1, and 3+1 Rx. Although the work decreased, it was still a doozy of a workout!

Afterwards, hit this arm buster:

7 DB Supinated Curls (Each Arm)
7 Bent Over Rows
7 Hammer Curls (Each Arm)

Did the curls with 35# and the rows with 50#. Arms were fried afterwards!