Haven’t been sharing my workouts on here, but I promise I’ve been working out! I’m going to get back on logging here though because it’s much easier to reference than my physical notebook.

This is Graham’s last week at home with me before starting daycare so Charlotte and I worked out in the garage instead of taking him into the gym. It was heavy deadlift day, but since we’re limited on weight, I did the conditioning first and followed with heavy lifting.


For time:

  • 15-12-9 Echo Bike Calories
  • 21-15-9 Up Downs

This little burner sneaks up on you! Finished in 3:33. Wasn’t too gassed, but I was definitely breathing hard.


Today was meant to be a 3+ day on our 5/3/1 cycle, but again, we’re short on weight so I worked up to some heavy sets of 6 instead.

  • 6@115
  • 6@165
  • 6@215
  • 6@265
  • 5×6@315

Felt good at 315! Not too much of a struggle at all. Even though I’m working at lighter weights, I still think I’ll pull a PR in December.


I wanted to do some pulling so I finished with 3×10 chin-ups with roughly 2 minutes between sets.