Warm Up
200M Run (F)
200M Run (B)
5 Burpee
6 Strict Pull Up
7 Box Jump Over
8 KB Swing (heavy)

– Hammer strike

Met Con
16 Min AMRAP Of:
20 Burpee
100M Farmer Carry (55/35#)
200M Run Backward
40 Hammer Strike (20R/20L)

Jeremey – 2 + 54 (8 strikes shy of 3 rounds)
Charlotte – 2 + 42 (Row)

Also, got my first strict muscle-up after the workout!



Coach led. Lots of mobility work and foam rolling.


Partner WOD

7 total laps suitcase carry 53/35# (Alternating)

3 rounds each (alternating) of:
17 Pull Ups
17 Wall Ball 20/14

7 total laps bearcrawl (alternating)

Completed the workout with Charlotte in 19:52 in change. Didn’t really push it too hard. I did do the first two sets of pull-ups unbroken (third set 10/7) and all three sets of wall balls.


4 sets
1 minute lying overhead PVC stretch with 10lbs
5 knee on box handstand push-ups
1 wall walk

Strained by serratus/oblique a bit walking up into the third wall walk. Hopefully I can shake it off before Monday. Need to warm-up more before doing the handstand practice (did the accessory bit before class).


Felt really really crummy today, but still got in a decent lift.

Deadlift – 4×5 @ 265 (+10 from last week)

A) Barbell Complex – Power Clean, Push Press, Reverse Lunge, Front squat – 3×5 @ 95lbs

B) Farmer’s Walk – 50 yds with 70lbs each hand

A) TRX Feet Elevated Row (10lbs on chest) – 3×8

B) Landmine Shoulder Press – 3×8 @ 35lbs on bar