Feeling pretty good after those squat cleans yesterday. Out in the garage at 9:45 to knock out the workout of the day for CFU.

5 rounds for time:

  • 15 K2E
  • 16 Cal Bike

The bike was a sub for a 20 cal row. Knocked out the K2E in sets of 9/6 each round. Round times were 1:45, 2:01, 1:58, 1:53, and 1:49. Total time was 9:26.

Tried working on some muscle-ups afterwards but couldn’t get the rings strung up evenly so I gave up 😂


I don’t usually workout on Sundays, but since I’m trying the 3 on/1 off schedule, I headed down into the basement around 1PM after Quinn laid down for a nap.

I wanted to get some HSPU in so I modified a workout from CrossFit.com that I’d been wanting to try:

21-15-9 reps not for time of:

  • Kipping HSPU
  • Strict K2E
  • DB Deadlift (2×50#s)

It was explicitly stated as “slowly” but I interpreted that to be “not for time.” I moved at a deliberate pace, and I was able to knock the HSPU out in sets of 5s and 4s, which felt pretty awesome. K2E were a bit weird since I did them from the makeshift pull-up bar I have in the basement. My feet drag the ground heavily at the bottom.

After the workout, I headed out for a 2 mile ruck with Tucker with 30# on my back.



Spent 20 minutes working up to a 1-rep max front squat. I worked up 135, 155, 185, 205, 225, 255. Then, I failed 3x at 270 😕. A bit disappointed in the performance today, but such is life.


9 min EMOM:

  • Min 1: Max Front Squats (135)
  • Min 2: Front Rack Barbell Hold
  • Min 3: Max K2E

We capped each minute at :50 to allow for transition time. Here’s how I faired:

  • FS: 16, 15, 12
  • Hold: :50 all rounds
  • K2E: 20 each round

That front rack got hard!


Jumped into the noon class today. Back on a pretty solid schedule with Charlotte’s new job. She’s able to take Quinn in the mornings, which means I get to hang out and get more work done early on in the day.

We started with a little EMOM to warm up:

8 min EMOM:

Odd: 4 Push Jerks (65/95/115/135)
Even: 5 Strict Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups

Push jerks felt pretty good, which was great because we headed into:

13 min AMRAP:

6 Push Jerks
10 Knees to Elbow

I scaled the push jerk weight to 135# instead of the prescribed 185#. I still had to end up breaking up the set of six around the fifth set. I ended up getting 8+2. All of the K2E were unbroken.

Afterwards, we hit the following finisher:

100 Hollow Rocks*

*Every 10 reps, do :30 plank


Joined in on the 11:30am Sprint class today while the mother-in-law watched Quinn again. The little guy did not sleep well last night so Charlotte and I were both functioning on maybe 5 hours of sleep.

The workout was:

8 rounds for time:

200m Run
10 K2E
10 Push Press (35# DBs)

Time: 13:36

Everything was unbroken, but my grip was starting to fade on the last few rounds. It was also 20 degrees outside so a bit sprite to be running 🏃🏻

After the workout, I worked on some overhead squat strength:

E2MOM for 14 min:

3 OH Squats

I went 65, 95, 115, 135, 145, 155, 165 (f). Overall, I was pretty happy to hit 155. It felt really solid, and I should’ve hit 165 for sure. I just lost it on the third rep. Considering my 1 RM is 170# though, solid progress.


Warm Up

25 Jumping Jacks
10 Passthrough

Tag! When your tagged:

5 pushup
5 pullup
5 Squats
5 KB Swings

Met Con

7 Rounds for time of:

7 H.S.P.U.
7 C2B Pull Up
7 Thruster (135/95#)
7 Knees 2 Elbow
7 Burpee
7 KB Swing (70/53#)

I scaled the Thruster to 115#, but everything else was Rx’d. This one kicked my tail. Took me 34:37.


Warm Up

Team Air Assault Warmup:
Switch every 10 Cal (Each person goes 4 times)
1 Lap Bear Crawl
8 Burpee Broad Jumps
10 Barbell Goodmornings

Met Con

25 Min AMCAP (As Many Cards As Possible):

Hearts – Box Jump Over (24/20″)
Diamonds – Deadlift (225-155#)
Clubs – AbStrap K2E
Spades – Burpee

Joker 1 – 400M M.B. Run
Joker 2 – 30 Cal Assault Bike

Jeremey: 36 cards Rx

I felt really crappy today from not eating enough carbs pre-workout.