Labor Day! I showed up to the 5am, and I was the only one. Instead of making Ryan coach me through the regular class, I modified to the following.

For time:

  • 30 Muscle-ups

These felt terrible. After an opening set of 5, I was 3s, 2s, and 1s the rest of the way. Finished in 7:58, which is very far off my PR and disappointing. Oh well!

After that, I tested out the following, which is a variation on “Thresher Shark”, which I found through James Hobart.

12 min AMRAP:

  • 3, 6, 9, etc reps Hang Power Snatch (95#)

25 Double Unders after each set

I finished the round of 21 just before time expired. This one was a bit too long, and I was losing the intensity. If we program it, we’ll shorten.


Normally, I would take Thursdays off, but this workout looked fun so I decided to tackle it at a low intensity.

18 min EMOM:

  • Min 1: 2-3 Strict Muscle-ups
  • Min 2: 12 Pistols Alternating
  • Min 3: 30 second handstand hold

I managed to string the rings up from the tree. Surprisingly, I got 3 muscle-ups in the first round. Video below. Rest of the rounds were 2.

Finished with 50 cals on the Echo Bike in 2:10.


Started off with 30 muscle-ups for time after I watched a colleague of mine and wanted to try his strategy.

Last time, I opened for sets of 5 on the minute. This time, I tried 3 reps every 30 seconds. I made it through 21 at maybe 3:15, right on pace. I ended up resting until 3:45 though and continued every 30 seconds. At 4:45, I went for my last set of 3 and missed my very last rep. 😔 Hopes back up and finished at 5:22 for a :58 second PR!

Then, I did the workout of the day:

3-6-8-10-12-10-8-6 reps for time of:

  • T2B
  • Alt DB Snatch (50#)

10 Cal Assault Bike after each full round.

Time: 14:43. Took a relatively leisurely pace because the AB felt tough! Only broke the set of 12 T2B (7/5).


I had to go into the gym to pick some stuff up. Knocked out a workout while I was there.


7×1 Front Squat

My legs were pretty sore from this week. I worked up like this:

  • 95# x 5
  • 115# x 5
  • 165×3
  • 185×3
  • 235×1
  • 235×1
  • 245×1
  • 255×1
  • 255×1 (f)
  • 245×1
  • 245×1
  • 245×1

I was pretty disappointed to fail at 255, but I wasn’t feeling particularly strong today.


30 Ring Muscle-ups for time

Last time I tackled this one, I did sets of 4 every minute. I thought I’d go for it this time with sets of 5. I got through 15 that way, but I only was able to knock out 4 on my 4th set. Staggered home in sets of 3 and 2. Finished in 6:20, which is still a 10+ second PR! Can’t be upset about that.


400m Lunge for tine

Time: 11:49…ouchy


I had to go to the gym to pick up some stuff so figured why not workout as well. Trying a 3 on/1off schedule for a bit.

3-3-2-2-2-1-1-1-1 Front Squat

I set the clock for 30 minutes and took the full time going 155, 185, 205, 225, 235 before hitting 245, 255, 255, and missing 265 for the singles.

Then, tackled 30 muscle-ups for time. Finished at 6:33 doing sets of 4 and then a final set of 2.


Headed to New York today for a meetup, but I got in the 5AM class before flying out.


On a 12:00 running clock, perform 20 Ring Muscle-Ups. Then in the remaining time…

2 rounds:

  • 7 Power Cleans (135/95)|(95/65)
  • 7 Lateral Burpees Over Bar

into…2 rounds:

  • 5 Power Cleans (155/105)|(115/75)
  • 7 Lateral Burpees Over Bar

into…AMRAP in remaining time of…

  • 3 Power Cleans (185/125)|(135/95)
  • 7 Lateral Burpees Over Bar

I went 5-5-5-4-1 on the muscle-ups and finished around 3:40. I ended up getting 2+3 on the final AMRAP with the 185# bar.