Repeat of 20.5 today! Last time I hit this one, I came up 9 reps shy of finishing. This time, I went in with a different strategy.

For time:

  • 40 Muscle-ups
  • 80 Cal Row
  • 120 Wall Balls (20#)

Time cap: 20 minutes

I did:

4 rounds of:

  • 4 Muscle-ups
  • 12 Wall Balls

30 Cal Row

3 rounds of:

  • 4 Muscle-ups
  • 12 Wall Balls

30 Cal Row

6 rounds of:

  • 2 Muscle-ups
  • 12 Wall Balls

Finished at 19:35


Busy morning with the coaches meeting and letting Char get in a workout so I headed in at 4:45am to knock out some work.


E2MOM for 10 minutes:

2 snatches + 1 hang snatch

No dropping the bar between reps. All were squat snatches. I worked up to 135 and failed there at the hang snatch. Still, I was happy to hit that for 2 touch-n-go squat snatches.

Then, I did some back squats:

  • 65%x5 (195)
  • 70%x5 (210)
  • 75%x5 (225)
  • 80%x5 (240)
  • 85%x5 (255)

I based all of the percentages off of 300#.


For time:

30 muscle-ups

Kicker: Each time you come off the rings, perform 3 power cleans at 135#.

Time: 10:43

I went 5 and 4 for the first two sets. 3s the rest of the way.


3 sets of:

1x 5-position snatch halting deadlift*

All done at 155#

*Perform a 2 second pause in each of the following positions: 1″ off the floor, 1″ below the knee, launch mid-thigh, high hang. Smooth tempo returning to the start position.


Feeling a bit beat up after the heavy squats yesterday and the multiple workouts on Saturday. Slept for a total of 9+ hours last night, and I felt like I couldn’t get out of bed! Anyway, made it in for the 8AM.


10 min EMOM:

  • 1 Strict Muscle-up

Felt really good the entire time. Probably should’ve tried for 2 each minute.


16:00 AMRAP:
70 Row Calories
50 Wall Balls, 20 lbs, 10 ft
10 Ring Muscle-ups

This was originally supposed to be a 50 cal bike, but due to the class size, I hopped on the rower, and according to NCFIT, the translation was 70 cals, which was brutal! Anyway, made it through 1+94 Rx (counting the row as 50). My only set of muscle-ups went 5-3-2.


Joined the 8AM class for some GOAT work! We started with a 10 min EMOM alternating movements we need to practice:

Minute 1: 2 Strict Muscle-ups
Minute 2: 4 Pistols each side

Then, we moved onto this metcon:

15 minute EMOM:

Minute 1: 20 Ground to Overhead (45# Plate)
Minute 2: 20 Walking Lunges with plate
Minute 3: 2 Wall Walks (I scaled down from 3)

This was WAY harder than it looked!