Today’s programmed workout was a Box Jump Over/Assault Bike sprint that I tested last week. So, instead, I did a variation on yesterday’s gymnastics.

15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of:

  • HSPU
  • Ring Row
  • Pistol
  • T2B

Did the whole thing barefoot so I wouldn’t put a hole in the wall. Surprisingly, the HSPU felt great. Did 5/5/5 for the first set and 6/6 for the set of 12. Rounds 6 and 3 were unbroken. Pistols felt awesome too.

Time: 16:03

Enjoyed this one! Finished with:

50 Cal Echo Bike for time

Only other time I did this was 2:10. I was 2:22 today. Not too far off.


I was originally planning on going into the gym today, but for various reasons, I worked out in the garage instead. This was a modified workout from CrossFit.com.

15-minute AMRAP:

  • 20 PVC Sit-ups
  • 20 Turkish Get-ups (50#)
  • 20 PVC Sit-ups
  • 10/10 OH Walking Lunges (50#)

Result: 1+21

AMRAP is a bit misleading here! I only managed to get just over one round. I ended up subbing in PVC sit-ups in place of the weighted sit-ups because I felt like I was using too much momentum while holding the dumbbell.

For an accessory piece, I completed 60 alternating pistols not for time. Felt good! Wore my Reebok Nanos without any issues (usually would’ve switched to lifters to make it easier).


Headed into the 11:30AM class. Feeling pretty good after yesterday’s lifting session. Shoulders are just a bit tired, but that wasn’t an issue for today’s leg-dominated day.

On a 16-minute clock:

  • 1:00 Max Double Unders
  • Tabata Pistols (Alternating legs each tabata interval)
  • 1:00 Max Box Jump Overs (24″)
  • Rest 2:00

This was effectively a two-round workout with a 2:00 rest between rounds.

For the first round, I started off with 100 double unders in the first minute. Then, I completed 39 pistols during the tabata and 29 box jump overs for a total of 168. On the second round, I went 99, 43, 30 for a total of 172. Happy to improve my score in round two!

Finisher: Alternating tabata of:

  • Hollow Hold
  • Superman Hold


Normally, I would take Thursdays off, but this workout looked fun so I decided to tackle it at a low intensity.

18 min EMOM:

  • Min 1: 2-3 Strict Muscle-ups
  • Min 2: 12 Pistols Alternating
  • Min 3: 30 second handstand hold

I managed to string the rings up from the tree. Surprisingly, I got 3 muscle-ups in the first round. Video below. Rest of the rounds were 2.

Finished with 50 cals on the Echo Bike in 2:10.


Legs are a bit sore from yesterday! I had the day off of work, but I wanted to get some grocery shopping in so Chatlotte and I were down in the basement at 10:30am to knock this one out.


9 min EMOM:

  • Min 1: :40 Waiter Walk R (50#)
  • Min 2: :40 Waiter Walk L (50#)
  • Min 3: 40 Unbroken Double Unders

The waiter walks were getting challenging on my left side by the end. Everything else was gravy.


15 min AMRAP:

  • 5 HSPU
  • 16 DB Deadlifts
  • 16 Alternating Pistols

Result: 5+27

Handstand push-ups were all unbroken with the exception of once that I kicked off the wall accidentally! Felt great though. Pistols were tough but not really a problem even in my Nanos.


Joined the 8AM class for some GOAT work! We started with a 10 min EMOM alternating movements we need to practice:

Minute 1: 2 Strict Muscle-ups
Minute 2: 4 Pistols each side

Then, we moved onto this metcon:

15 minute EMOM:

Minute 1: 20 Ground to Overhead (45# Plate)
Minute 2: 20 Walking Lunges with plate
Minute 3: 2 Wall Walks (I scaled down from 3)

This was WAY harder than it looked!


Warm Up

2 X
250 m row
10 pass through
10 superman
2 bridge on floor
7 strict pull up (2nd round kipping pullup/ c2b)
7 goblet stretch

Met Con

25 Min AMRAP for skill of:
3 Bridge Walk
5 Bar Muscle Up/C2B
10 Alternating Pistol
15 Unbroken Double Under

Turns out I am not a fan of bridge walks! I don’t bend that well backwards :). I ended up getting 5 rounds today, but the best part of today was doing all of my bar muscle-ups unbroken and doing my pistols without my lifters on – no problemo!


Warm Up

3 mins Double Under
3 mins Pistol practice
Shoulder Circuit
7 Strict Pull Up
7 KB Swing (Fast)
10 Jump Lunge
7 Kipping Pull Up

Met Con

For time:
50 Wall ball shots, 20/14#
50 Chest to bar pull-ups
50 One-legged squats, alternating
50 Dumbbell snatch (50/35#)

Jeremey: 17:52 Rx
Charlotte: 20:18 (10 C2B, 40 Pull-ups)

This one was going really well until I got to the pistols. I started with 50 WBs unbroken. Then, I did 10 C2B to start then moved to sets of 5 with 3-5 seconds between sets. The pistols really got me. I didn’t warm up enough so I fell down on the first few before finding a groove. Need to work on those more!

On the plus side, I wore my new lifters for the first time (picked up a pair of Adidas AdiPower), and they were awesome. Pistols in lifters are far easier than in my Nanos.


Warm Up

500M Row
Push Up Pyramid
5 Strict Pull Up
6 Cossach Squat
30 Second HS Hold
5 Kipping Pull Up
6 Alt. Pistol
3 Strict HSPU

Met Con


20 Min AMRAP Of:
10 Alt. Pistol
15 Pull Up

Jeremey: 5+3

First time doing Mary and man was she tough! I did the first two sets of HSPU unbroken and then went 3+2 for the rest. The pistols really slowed me down. I’m really disappointed in the performance as a whole, but I felt particularly off balance on the pistols. Did the first 4 sets of pull-ups unbroken then went 10-5 for the last set. Definitely have to do better here.