Everyday Warrior Workout 4!

WOD #1


9 Squat Clean 195/125 (Brittany PR at #197)
28 Toes to Bar
14 Thrusters 135/95
30 Calorie Row

Time: 11:04

Holy cow! This one smoked me. I was feeling pretty beat up from all the work this week anyway, but the heavy cleans really had me gassed. I was doing singles with 15 seconds rest between them. Did the T2B in 16-12 and then the thrusters in 3-3-3-3-2.

WOD #2

“Cindy Archibald”

4 Rounds
5 Front Squats 165/115
5 Pull Ups
5 Hang Clean 165/115
10 Hand Release Push Ups
5 Push Jerk 165/115
15 Air Squats

Time: 33:56

By far, this was the hardest workout mentally that I’ve ever done at CFU. The push jerks in particular were terribly difficult. I was doing singles, which meant I had to clean the bar up every time. I was really really gassed from the first workout and then from the volume this week. Anyway, I finished. Definitely marking this one with “Repeat” so I know to do it again!