Warm Up

800M Run/Skip @200m’s
Lateral Jumps (Paralette)
Barbell good morning
10 Mountain Climber
10 S.A. KB Swing

Met Con

25 Min AMRAP Of:
P1 – 100M Tire Drag Sprint
P2 – Tire Flip Jump Through for Reps
P3 – Rest

Teamed up with Andy and Joey, some strong dudes! We managed 110 tire flips over the 25 minutes. I was getting between 4-5 most rounds (5 most).

Extra Work

1 Max Set of Unbroken Push Ups

Hit 36.



100 DU
10 Samson Complex
Shoulder Circuit
Push up Pyramid
10 Single Arm KB Thrusters (each side)
:30 Handstand Hold
Handstand Walk/Bear Crawl

-First Rib


5 Rounds

6 Handstand Push-ups
12 Wallballs
100m Tire Drag

2 minutes rest


First workout ever with handstand push-ups! Did the first two sets unbroken and then did a mixture of 3’s, 2’s, and 1’s for the rest of the time. Form deteriorated but I got it done!