First time back in the gym! It was great to work out alongside other people for a change.

We started off with a strength piece followed by a leg destroyer of a metcon.


6 sets (every 2:00) of 7 Back Squats. I warmed up with 95 and 135 lb before starting my working sets.

  • 1×7@155
  • 1×7@185
  • 1×7@205
  • 3×7@225

I was happy with 225# today. I probably could’ve gotten a bit heavier, but since I haven’t been under a bar in awhile, I thought it prudent to stay at a manageable weight.


14 min AMRAP:

  • 7 Front Squats (135)
  • 14 Wall Balls (20#)
  • 21 Abmat Situps

Result: 6+23

This was a burner of a metcon! I stayed unbroken on the wall balls until the 5th round (9/5).


Feeling good coming off of a rest day yesterday. Quinn was also back in daycare today, which is a great relief. We finally have time to workout on our own again.

We had to pick up something from the gym so we actually went in there for a workout. Great to be back in the gym if only for a short time!


Over 15:00, work up to a 5RM back squat.

Since I haven’t squatted with a barbell in some time, I took this a bit easier than normal. I worked up to 255 and 265 for my heaviest sets of 5. Felt good!


Every 3:00 for 4 sets:

  • 75 Double Unders
  • 25 Wall Balls

Rest remainder of time.

My first three sets were on point. I finished right at 1:40 with everything going unbroken. The wheels came off during my last set 😂 I broke my DUs once and the wall balls 3x (10/8/7). This was a tough metcon!!


Repeat of 20.5 today! Last time I hit this one, I came up 9 reps shy of finishing. This time, I went in with a different strategy.

For time:

  • 40 Muscle-ups
  • 80 Cal Row
  • 120 Wall Balls (20#)

Time cap: 20 minutes

I did:

4 rounds of:

  • 4 Muscle-ups
  • 12 Wall Balls

30 Cal Row

3 rounds of:

  • 4 Muscle-ups
  • 12 Wall Balls

30 Cal Row

6 rounds of:

  • 2 Muscle-ups
  • 12 Wall Balls

Finished at 19:35