I ended up doing yesterday’s workout before today’s workout:

For time:

100 Walking Lunge
80 Wall Ball (20/14#)
60 Sit Up
40 Pull Up
20 M.B. Push Up
500M Row

Time: 16:45 Rx

I didn’t push the pace on this one, but just tried to continue moving the entire time.

Afterwards, we hit the daily WOD:

4×50′ Yoke carry
4×25′ Yoke carry

I worked up to 515 lbs for my heaviest 25′ carry.


Everyday Warrior Battle Series WOD #1!

15 min AMRAP:

60 Calorie Row
50 Bar Over Burpee
30 Ground to Overhead 95#
10 C2B Pull-up

Jeremey: 188 Rx (got 38 calories on the second row)

Phew! That was a doozy. The g2o were split up into 6×5. Probably not the best strategy as I took far too long between reps.


Andrew and I took the yoke for a walk. 200# for 1 mile total. Trading off whenever we wanted and doing 5 burpees every 3 minutes.