Warm Up

800m Run
20 Lunges
Shoulder Circuit
10 Passthroughs
Push Up Pyramid
10 Air Squats

Met Con

22 Min. AMRAP

20 Overhead Walking Lunge (45/25)
18 Sit Ups
16 Wall Balls (20/14)
14 Push Ups
200m Run

Result: 5+5

The OHWL were the hardest part for me. I was able to get through 4/5 sets without breaking them up. The last set, I had to go 12/8. The only other thing I broke were the push-ups, which I broke from the very beginning. I did 7/7 for the first three sets then 5/5/4 for the last two.


Warm Up

Team WOD!

Met Con

AMCAP – As Many Cards As Possible in 25 min

Hearts – O.H.W.L. (45/25#)
Diamonds – Pull Up
Spades – Burpee Box Jump
Clubs – Dips

Joker 1 – 20 KB Snatch
Joker 2 – 30 Toes 2 Bar

I paired up with Stuart, Jamie, Charlotte, and Hillary (Team Average Joes). We dominated at dodgeball! For the actual workout, we pulled a lot of high cards right off the bat, especially pull-ups. I think we got through 21 cards total.


I convinced my awesome wife to stick around and do the following with me:

Assault Bike Calories
GHD Situps

Wasn’t too bad. Likely will start at 35 or 40 next time and work down by 5’s.


Warm Up
200M Run
10 Samson Stretch
10 Strict Pull Up
10 KB Swing
200M Skip

– DB Snatch
– Single Arm OH Lunge

Met Con
4 Rounds For Time Of:
200M Run
10 S.A. DB Snatch (right)
10 S.A. DB OH Lunge (right)
200M Run
10 S.A. DB Snatch (left)
10 S.A. DB OH Lunge (left)

Jeremey – 23:15
Charlotte – 24:43 (Row)

My overhead flexibility really hurt me here. For each set, I would do 9 snatches, take 10 seconds, do my last snatch, and then go straight into the OH lunges. On my right side, I was able to get through them all unbroken. My left flexibility overhead really let me down. I had to do 5+5.


Warm Up

40 Double Under
1 Lap Bear Crawl
10 Supine Ring Row
20 Push Up
10 Passthrough


– Lax Ball – Pec


5×5 Bench Press AHAP


Met Con

12 Min AMRAP
20 Squat
7 Single Arm KB Swing (Right)
10 S.A.O.H.W.L. (Right)
7 Single Arm KB Swing (Left)
10 S.A.O.H.W.L. (Left)


Jeremey-4+27 RX
Charlotte-4+15 RX


Hit the 9:00am class this morning. Great group with some new faces. Crushed a solid workout.


400m Run

2 Rounds:

8 Samson stretch
8 Passthroughs
8 Wall Balls
16 Lunges
8 Situps


2 minutes each side:

  • Lizard


5 RFT:

20 Wall Balls (20#)
200m Run
20 Situps
200m Run
20 OH Walking Lunge (45#)
200m Run

Time: 33:29

Deceivingly tough one today! My quads were rocking from the heavier front squats last night. My main goal going in was to do all the sets of wall balls unbroken. I was successful there. The OH walking lunges caught up to me though. Did those 10/10 for the last four sets.