Had a meeting with Spence, Zach, and Karly at 9AM so I dropped into the 8AM. Feeling pretty recovered today after the day off on Sunday and the lighter workout yesterday.

24 min EMOM:

  • 2 Front Squats (#205)
  • 12 Cal Assault Bike
  • 2 Rope Climbs
  • 45 sec Plank Hold

I initially started with an L-Sit hold on parallettes in place of the plank hold, but my abs were still pretty sore from the GHDs so I switched to plank hold. Everything else was really pretty manageable.


Calves are still a little stiff from the Ragnar Relay this past weekend, but overall, it was good to be back in the gym.


Push Press – 5×3

I worked up to 165# for a triple and felt pretty solid.


3 rounds for reps:

  • 2 min Row
  • 1 min Plank Hold
  • 1 min Push Press (115#)
  • 1 min Rest

The plank hold counted as 60 reps (one for each second). I totaled 109, 107, and 106. Each round, I hit 35 calories on the row, 60 seconds on the plank (push-up position), and remaining reps on the push press at 115#.


Headed into open gym around 10AM. Somehow, Kyle and Beks convinced me to do this terrible workout.


75 Wall Balls
1:00 Plank
25 Russian KB Swings (72#)


50 Wall Balls
1:00 Plank
50 Russian KB Swings


25 Wall Balls
1:00 Plank
25 Russian KB Swings

I started off the first set of wall balls with 25, thinking I would do 3×25. I ended up breaking them up a bit more. I had 2:30 rest or so heading into the second set, but the KB Swings really started to catch up to me! My grip was crushed. I had maybe 1:00 rest going into the last set. I finished the last set with maybe :50 remaining on the clock, but I paced it quite a bit knowing that I would make the cutoff.