Warm Up
20 Jumping Jacks
50 Double Under
Shoulder Circuit
Push Up Pyramid
5 Strict Pull Up
5 Kipping Pull Up

– Lat
– Reverse
– Tricep

Met Con
30 Min AMRAP Of:
5 Ring Muscle Up
10 Burpee
20 Jumping Lunge


This was a big day! It was the first time I was going to try serious sets of muscle-ups in a workout. I was confident I could get 4 rounds in before I really fatigued, which is exactly what happened. For the first few sets, I did 2+1+1+1 for the muscle-ups. For the later sets, I had to do sets of 1. Started failing at 20 muscle-ups in, which makes sense. That’s the most I’ve ever done in a single workout.


Christmas WOD at CrossFit Undeniable!

Just like the way the song is sung, perform 1 Clean and Jerk. Then perform 2 Muscle Ups, 1 Clean and Jerk. Then 3 HSPU, 2 Muscle Up and 1 Clean and Jerk…

Oh what fun it is to WOD with your Undie family!!!

Warm Up

10 Samson Stretch 3 Second Holds
10 Passthrough
10 Overhead Squat (PVC)
10 Sit-ups
10 Superman
10 Pull-ups
10 Dips
10 KB Swing


  • Elbow 2 Instep/ Hip Stretch

Met Con

On the first day of Christmas my Coach demands of me:

1- Clean & Jerk 155#
2- Muscle Ups/Dips
4- Wall Ball 30#
5- Toes 2 Bar
6- Front Squat 135#
7- Burpee
8- Box Jump 24″
9- Hand Release Push Up
10- Jumping Lunge
11- Pull-up/Ring Row
12- 1200m Run

Jeremey: 67:00

My main goal this entire time was to nail the HSPU and the ring muscle-ups. I’m really proud that I didn’t have to break up the HSPU at all! The muscle-ups were unbroken until roughly round 10 when I had to do 1+1.