Warm Up
250M Row
6 Samson C w/ hip
6 Goblet Stretch
20 Push Up
15 Strict Pull Up

– Couch Stretch

Met Con

500M Row
40 Squat
30 Sit Up
20 Push Up
10 Pull Up


Jeremey—4:00 (So close to breaking 4 min—still a PR). I was off the rower at 1:36.
Charlotte—5:32 (20+ sec PR!)

Afterwards, did 5×2 on strict handstand push-up and practiced triple unders.



500m Row
6 Samson Complex
10 KB Swing
10 Press


2 minutes each side of couch stretch


Worked on the 3-pos clean and push press/push jerk/split jerk. Went through three rounds of the Big Clean complex (75/95/115) which consists of:

High Hang Clean
Hang Clean
Push Press
High Hang Clean
Hang Clean
Push Jerk
High Hang Clean
Hang Clean
Split Jerk

Without dropping the bar. Gearing up for tomorrow’s WOD, which should be a doozy! 115# didn’t feel too terrible though on my round through it today.



500m Row
40 Squats
30 Situps
20 Push-ups
10 Pull-ups

Time: 4:12

Previous time to beat was 4:44 so I feel pretty good about this time. Still think I could get in the low 4’s or even potentially break 4 minutes. I came off the rower roughly around 1:40. Everything else was unbroken. I couldn’ve shaved some time off on the squats and situps for certain. If I would’ve butterflied the pull-ups, they would’ve been faster as well. Still, a 32 second PR—I’ll take it!