Since we had Quinn, Char and I headed to the gym early so he could run around while we did the workout. He mostly stayed out of the way. Success! After a warm-up, we did this Cindy-esque rep scheme.

20 min AMRAP:

  • 5 Strict Pull-ups
  • 10 Hand-release Push-ups
  • 15 Assault Bike Cals

My first few rounds were unbroken on the push-ups and took roughly 1:50. For the last 6-ish sets, I broke the push-ups 7/3. The pull-ups were unbroken the entire time. Ended with 9+12.


Repeat of 5/8/19, which I didn’t log here for some reason – NC Fit Baseline. It came in two parts.

Part 1

On a 12:00 running clock, run 1 Mile. Then in remaining time, Max Meters on Rower or Max Distance on Bike.

*Rest minimum 5:00 before part 2.

I sold my soul on the run trying to beat my 5:50 from last time. I ended up running 5:43 on the mile with a 2:48/2:55 split for each 800m. Then, I hit 1412m on the row for a 1m PR so I PRd both sections!

Part 2

12 min AMRAP:

6 Strict Pull-ups
12 Hand Release Push-ups
18 Sit-ups

The rep scheme for this one was different than last time (4, 8, 12 last time) so I didn’t have much to compare to. My arms were smoked though. I ended up hitting 6+2 Rx.


Joined the 5AM class today! Good times knocking out the workout early on.

15 minute AMRAP:

20/15 Cal Bike
15 Hand Release Push-up
2 Rope Climb

Result: 5 rounds Rx

My goals were to keep the bike around 450 watts, stick with sets of 5 on the HR push-ups, and get each rope climb in two pulls. I mostly was able to hit those marks with each round coming in at 3:00 or so. I had a few rope climbs that took 3 pulls because I got lazy.


I’ve been laid up in bed sick the past few days so it felt great to get back in the gym today. I wasn’t feeling 100%,  but I still was in there!

We started off with some strength work on bench press.


I was pretty stoked to hit 195 for 3 considering I haven’t worked out for a few days and how infrequently we bench press.

Then, we hit this metcon:

8 Rounds for Time:

12 Hand-Release Push-ups
6 Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups
300m Run

Time: 18:09 Rx

My first four rounds were unbroken on the push-ups. Then, I went to quick sets of 6/3/3. C2B Pull-ups felt great and were butterfly the entire way.


We started with some muscle-up drills today and then went for:

5 min max ring muscle-ups

I started pacing it over 30 second intervals aiming for 3 reps and then 2 reps (3/2, 3/2, etc), which would have landed me 25 total. I ended up failing towards the end and only getting 23, but considering my 30 muscle-up PR is 9 minutes and change, this is a substantial improvement!

Then, we tackled this metcon:

10 min AMRAP:

12 Deadlifts (185#)
12 HR Push-ups

I ended up getting 7+7 with all of the deadlifts being unbroken.