One too many margaritas last night meant that I wasn’t feeling great this morning. Charlotte and I still managed to get out in the garage at 9am to work our even with all the chaos of getting two kids ready for a Baptism ceremony.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 reps of:

  • Hang Power Clean (135#)
  • Hand Release Push-up

*30 double unders after each set

Time: 11:45


Headed into the 11AM class. Feeling pretty good after the rest day yesterday!


4×6 Floor Press

I built up 95, 115, and 135. First working set was 155 before doing the final three working sets at 165.


12-min EMOM:

  • Min 1: 15 DB Hang Power Clean (50#)
  • Min 2: Strict Pull-up
  • Min 3: 12 DB Front Rack Reverse Lunges (50#)

Min 2 was designed to be kipping pull-up, but I was on a standalone squat rack so I opted for strict pull-ups instead. My sets were 15, 12, 10, 8. The grip and bicep fatigue from the other exercises really started to add up!


Headed out into the garage around 11am to knock out a workout after a walk with the family. Got around 5 hours of sleep last night so I wasn’t feeling too bad. My hamstrings are definitely still a bit sore from Friday!


6 sets on a 12:00 clock of:

  • 2 Hang Power Clean
  • 1 Power Clean
  • 1 Front Squat

I warmed up with 95# and 135# before using 155, 165, 175 (2), and 185 (2) for the working sets. Felt good, but still going far too wide on the power clean.


2 rounds for time:

  • 800m Run
  • 20 Power Cleans (135#)

I was done with the first round around 5:30. Went 7/7/6 on both sets of power cleans. Finished at 11:41. The heat definitely made the runs a bit steamy!


EMOM for 10:00:

  • Odd: 8 T2B
  • Even: 15 sec Ring L-Sit (bent knee)

Hung a new set of rings from Again Faster this past weekend and wanted to get them some action. The L-sits were harder than I thought they would be! For the T2B, I tried to keep my legs as straight as possible.


I was out in the garage at 11AM to get this one started. My chest is just starting to feel it from Saturday’s metcon.


3 rounds not for time:

  • 35 Jumping Jacks
  • 15 DB Swings (2×20#)
  • Burgener Warm-up (PVC for the first round, empty bar for second and third)


I built up in hang power clean and jerk from 45-65-95 before getting to the working weight for the workout.

8 min AMRAP:

  • 25 Double Unders
  • 5 Hang Power Clean and Jerk (115#)

This was originally programmed with 50# DBs, but I didn’t have those so I used a 115# DB instead. I finished a total of 8+25. My first round was 45 seconds, but I was up to a minute for the last few rounds.

Handstand Walking Drills

I started the BTWB handstand walking skill session. It’s 20 workouts over the course of 7 weeks (3x/week). Today’s skill session started with a max distance handstand walking attempt.

This was my best attempt, and I didn’t even manage to make it 4ft 😂

For the drills, I did:

  • 60 sec Handstand Hold against wall (2x30sec)
  • 3×5 Box Walkouts
  • 3×16 Plank Shifts

Here’s a video of the box walkouts. They were pretty tough!


Zach came over at 10AM to help hang the new squat rack in the garage. So, after we knocked that out, we did a partner version of the WOD for today.

Graham slept 3 hours and then 4 hours last night so I got a total of 6.5-7 hours of sleep! Felt pretty great today.

12-min AMRAP with a partner:

  • Partner 1: Max Hang Power Cleans (115)
  • Partner 2: Run 200m

Partner 2 is the time keeper. Switch when they’re done with the run.

I completed 7 rounds and a partial set of hang power cleans. In all, I did 88 HPC (15, 15, 12, 12, 12, 12, 10).



On a 15:00 clock, work up to a heavy complex of:

  • 1 Deadlift
  • 2 Hang Power Clean
  • 3 Front Squats

I worked up 95, 115, 135, 155, 165, 175, 185, 195, and then 205. Happy to hit 205 on this one after not touching a barbell for so long.


12:00 AMRAP of 3, 6, 9… reps of:

  • Hang Power Clean (135#)
  • Box Jump (24″)
  • 200m Run

I stayed unbroken on the HPC through the round of 15. Broke the round of 18 into 10/8. Finished a total of 15+36.



Hang Power Clean – 3×3

I built up 135, 155, 185, 205. Surprisingly, 205 didn’t feel bad at all, and I was able to cycle them pretty well.


15-12-9 reps of:

Hang Power Clean (95/65)|(65/45)
Box Jump (24)

into 12-9-6 reps of:

Hang Power Clean (135/95)|(95/65)
Box Jump (30)

into 9-6-3 reps of:

Hang Power Clean (185/125)|(135/95)
Box Jump (30+)

I hit 33″ for the last set and finished in a time of 12:06. Reps were all unbroken except the set of 9 at 185 (5/4).



Prepped for DT by working up to a moderately heavy version of this complex:

  • 3 Deadlifts
  • 2 Hang Power Cleans
  • 1 Push Jerk

I worked up to 165 and called it quits there.



5 rounds for time of:

  • 12 Deadlifts (155#)
  • 9 Hang Power Cleans
  • 6 Push Jerks

I scaled the weight down to 135# and used the 11, 1+8, 1+6 strategy the entire way resting just a bit before picking up the bar for the push jerks so I could be sure to do them unbroken. Finished in 9:19. One day, I’ll be doing this one Rx!